Squirrel in cage

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Squirrel in cage

Keeping a squirrel in a cage is not a good idea. It is even forbidden. In this case, a cage means something the size of a conventional bird cage. Under certain conditions, which we would like to explain to you here, squirrels can be kept in an aviary.

Squirrels in a cage - how big should it be?

You should say goodbye to the idea of squirrels in a cage very quickly. If you have a large garden, you can build a very large aviary for the rodents. We mean really large, because there are facilities that have more than 100 square meters of floor space.

Permanent husbandry - not species-appropriate

It is certainly possible to keep and breed Eurasian squirrels in a very large cage (aviary). However, in the long term you cannot do justice to the rodent's natural urge to move around. You should be aware of your responsibility here and release the squirrel from the cage into the wild.

Not trendy to keep a squirrel in your home

Unfortunately, you will always come across people who find it absolutely trendy to keep squirrels indoors. The squirrel cage is then often described as a squirrel room, but this is in no way species-appropriate.

The squirrel is a wild animal that needs the climate as well as the earth and moss under its feet to live happily. It wants to hop from branch to branch at any time, feel the wind in its fur or run across the meadows. Under no circumstances should you lock the squirrel in a room with a few dry branches and think you are doing it good. The animals start to run in circles and become stereotypical.

Squirrels in a cage - never catch them

If you want to keep and possibly breed a squirrel, you don't need a squirrel cage, but a huge aviary in the garden. 

Once these requirements have been met, the question arises as to where you can get a squirrel. You must not catch one in the wild in a forest. Contact a reputable breeder who will be happy to sell you an animal after checking your aviary. This will also give you someone to talk to if you have any questions about keeping the animal.

Not every squirrel breeder is reputable

You should be very careful here, because unfortunately there are many black sheep among the squirrel breeders. Some of these so-called breeders are not concerned about the welfare of the animals, but only see their profit.

If you have even the slightest doubt about the breeder and his work, do not hesitate to inform the veterinary office or the nature conservation authority.

It also makes no sense if you buy a squirrel out of pity to save it from the bad conditions. You are only confirming the so-called breeder in his work and he will continue to do it unabashedly. Instead, make sure that this person is put out of business.

To build the squirrel cage

The law stipulates that squirrels must be kept in an area of at least 3 square meters per animal. If you now think about these active creatures, you will soon realize that this is actually far too little. For two animals, the squirrel cage should be no smaller than 20 square meters.

The cage should be closed on two sides so that the animals suffer less from draughts. Ideally, you can place the aviary against a house wall.

The interior

The floor should be made of concrete. This will keep voles and the like away. There should be approx. 40 cm of soil or forest floor above the concrete base. Incidentally, this is a great place to get rid of leaves from the rest of the garden in the fall. For the squirrels, this has the advantage that they can bury their nuts here as if they were free.

Provide as many climbing opportunities as possible. Grass and moss are also essential. Incidentally, bark mulch is also very popular with squirrels. In addition to treetops, bamboo, hops, elder and hazelnut bushes are also recommended as plants in the aviary. Wooden slices can be used as shelves for food and water bowls.  

You must not forget the burrow in your squirrel cage. After all, the little rodent needs a place to sleep that resembles nature.

Squirrels in a cage, they are not pets

It is illegal to catch wild squirrels and keep them as pets without a permit. Under the law, this is considered cruelty to animals and is punishable by fines of between 5,000 and 50,000 euros according to the official catalog of fines. The penalties vary considerably depending on the federal state. In the worst case, a prison sentence of up to 3 years can be imposed.


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