Squirrels climbing

Eichhörnchen klettern

Squirrels climbing

Depending on the current situation, squirrel climbing always looks different. If the rodent climbs up a tree in the form of a spiral, then it protects itself from predators. Birds of prey and other enemies then have a much harder time catching the squirrel.

How high can the squirrel climb?

If you watch the cute little animals for a while, you will quickly realize that no tree is too high for the squirrel to climb. Effortlessly, the animals move upwards to nimbly jump from one treetop to the next.

Body structure allows the squirrel to climb

Thanks to their physique, squirrels can climb for all they're worth. Their body is perfectly adapted to life in and on the trees. With their long hind legs as well as strong muscles, they can not only climb well, but also jump very far.

What happens when the squirrel falls from the tree?

If you ever saw a squirrel fall from a tree, you were probably shocked. However, this was not necessary, because even from a great height squirrels survive such a fall. In most cases, the animals do not even hurt themselves. This is because squirrels do not actually fall, but rather slide to the ground. Added to this is the squirrel's light weight. On average, squirrels weigh between 200 and 400 grams. This provides for a lower gravitational pull. In addition, the squirrel uses its bushy tail similar to a paraglider with a rudder.

During the fall, the squirrel stretches its legs away from its body so that the total area of the animal increases significantly. This creates more air resistance, so that the speed of the fall is slowed down. Just before the squirrel hits the ground, it stretches its legs down and curves its back. This ensures a cushioning of the fall. Once it has more or less landed, it makes off faster than you can look.

Young fall out of the nest

Small squirrels can not climb well, nor do they master the technique of falling. Dich why do the little rodents fall from the nest. The reasons are many. Firstly, this happens when the trees are cut down. As soon as the tree falls, the goblet detaches from the treetops and falls to the ground with the young.  

Not infrequently, the young also fall out of curiosity or from hunger from the nest, if the mother animal stays away too long or was even killed.


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