Hamster Spielzeug Eierkarton

Hamster toy egg carton

If you have a hamster, hopefully you try to keep it busy. For many hamster owners, an egg carton is a cheap way to keep their hamster busy. Especially things made of cardboard are very popular with hamsters, because they can disassemble them and are so busy. The second aspect is, mostly these things are available in the household and accordingly inexpensive.

But there are also arguments against using an egg carton as a toy. What these are, we also inform you in this article.

Hamsters and egg cartons go together?

In principle, we would say yes, but you should only use the bottom of the egg cartons, because there is no paper attached for advertising purposes. If the paper can be easily removed from the top side, then of course the top side can also be used. The paper should be removed as it contains dyes and additives that can be unhealthy for your hamster.

The egg cartons should ideally also be made of undyed cellulose. This is easy to recognize, because the undyed cartons have a gray color. So do not use yellow or green cartons, which in many cases are available in stores.

Can the egg cartons be dangerous for my hamster?

There are always voices that say that egg cartons, which were already filled with eggs, should not be in a rodent cage. The reason for this is the fear of salmonella. This is not unfounded either, salmonella infection can lead to serious illness. However, there have been some studies that have shown that egg cartons are rarely actually contaminated.

We wouldn't rely on that, so always look carefully to see if there is any visible soiling on the boxes. As soon as you are even the slightest bit unsure, fingers off and look for an alternative, like using rolls of toilet or kitchen paper. Some owners also kill the germs in the oven.

However, this is not very environmentally friendly, as high energy consumption must be taken into account here. This is because the egg cartons should be heated through for at least 15 minutes, at a minimum of 75 °C, in order to kill all germs.

Where can I get egg cartons for my hamster?

If you absolutely want egg cartons for your hamster as a toy, then we can only recommend you to go to the weekly market or to a farmer and ask there for new cartons. We have made the experience that against a small cent amount or with a purchase one or two egg cartons are gladly given along.

By the way, you can also buy egg cartons in a well-stocked craft store. So you are on the absolutely safe side and do not have to worry about an infection by salmonella.

How to use the egg carton as a hamster toy?

There is actually no limit to the imagination here. Just Golden hamster love to balance and teeter and half an egg carton is great for this. To do this, simply place it on a piece of wood so that when you walk over it, the weight of the hamster causes the carton to tip over to the other side. Here you must of course pay attention to the height of the piece of wood that your animal does not make a rollover. 2-3 cm are usually sufficient here.

From a 6 egg carton you can also perfectly build a swing. To do this, attach a thread to all four corners, preferably a sturdy cord, and hang this swing in the cage. Please note that the swing should hover only a few centimeters above the bedding, so that nothing happens to your hamster in case of a fall. Here you should also regularly check the attachment, because it is after all a rodent that swings in it.

To motivate your pet a little more, you can hide treats in the recesses of the egg carton. Now your hamster has two options, either he manages to get them out with his paws, or he has to gnaw his way to the treats. Both options will keep your pet busy and occupied.

Egg carton for the hamster as a retreat

We have already heard that some hamster owners put their hamsters a complete egg carton in the enclosure, with a pre-drilled hole. Here the hamster should use the egg carton as a retreat and sleep in it. Particularly with dwarf hamsters one hears of it again and again. Theoretically, the idea is understandable, but practically it is not.

The reason for this is that an egg carton simply offers too little space inside, even for a tiny breed of hamster. Not from the footprint itself, but by the unevenness that hardly allow the animal to use the egg carton, as a retreat. Although he can climb and explore in it, but to find a resting place in it is difficult.

Hamster toy egg carton - Conclusion

Yes, it is possible to give your hamster an egg carton as a toy. However, you must make sure that it is completely germ-free and without dyes. Then your rodent can have a lot of fun with it and occupy himself well with it. If you take our advice into account, then nothing should happen to your pet and you will both have a lot of fun with this inexpensive hamster toy.


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