Rabbit throws himself on the side

Rabbit throws himself on the side

Your rabbit throws himself on his side, then do not panic, but rejoice, because you seem to have done some things right. This behavior belongs to the large repertoire of rabbits when it comes to body language. What it means exactly, you will learn here in our article. This explains to you why a rabbit does this.

Why is my rabbit throwing itself on its side?

Your rabbit is quite comfortable at this moment and so takes his preferred resting position. The first time you hear or see this rumble as a rabbit owner, you will probably be startled and wonder what is wrong with your rabbit. The laying down does not happen slowly and deliberately, but it throws itself on the side with a proper rumble.

The reason for this is that a rabbit would always have its legs under its body when lying down slowly. You must imagine this as when you try to relax in bed on your arms. By throwing it on its side, the legs are off to the side of the body and your rabbit can get into its favorite resting position.

Do not worry if your rabbit throws himself on his side

The moment when your rabbit throws itself on its side is, if you see this for the first time, a very unfamiliar and perhaps also frightening image. But as mentioned before, don't worry, your rabbit is perfectly comfortable at this moment and he takes his favorite resting position. Some liken this to coming home after a hard day's work and throwing yourself onto your sofa.

We have also been told that rabbits throw themselves completely on their backs and not just on their sides to rest. When they are completely relaxed here, they let their owners scratch and stroke their bellies. However, often here, the slightest noise is enough to startle them. If you see your rabbit lying on its back like this, you could almost get the impression that it is dead.

This is because there is no movement whatsoever through the body and only when you look closely can you see the slight movement of the rib cage due to breathing.

So don't worry, your rabbit will throw himself on his side and he will be fine and feel safe and secure with you.


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