Where do squirrels sleep?

Where do squirrels sleep?

At night squirrels sleep in your Kobel. The small rodents have built these spherical nests out of twigs, leaves and the like. While the animals usually sleep in the same hutch at night, they have a choice of different hutches to rest in during the day.

Hibernation or winter rest?

In winter, squirrels sleep an average of 18 to 20 hours per day. They then hibernate and not, as is often assumed, hibernate. So that the cold can't harm you, squirrels cover themselves with their bushy tails while sleeping and resting. You will rarely see the rodents cuddling, because squirrels are usually solitary animals.

Are sleeping squirrels at risk?

Squirrels are diurnal animals. If the squirrels sleep at night, they are easy prey for the nocturnal pine marten, which can quickly climb up the trees. For this reason, the hutch also has at least 2 entrances and exits. This way, if the squirrel wakes up in time, it can escape from one of the entrances and thus avoid the pine marten or another predator.

What does resting squirrel mean?

Especially in spring and summer squirrels are active and on the move from sunrise to sunset. Time and again, they take rest periods. During these periods, the animals retreat into their hawks. As soon as autumn begins, these rest periods become much shorter. The squirrel must now build up its winter stock of nuts and seeds.

Offer the squirrel a place to sleep

Certainly, squirrels build their own dens in the branches of tall trees. However, it can be difficult for the small rodent in residential areas or in cities, as fewer and fewer trees and co. are available. You can actively help the squirrel by offering it a place to sleep. Well suited for this are nesting boxes that have at least 2 entrances and exits. Install such a nesting box as safely as possible and as high up as possible. The squirrel will usually take care of the interior itself.

What does the squirrel do in winter?

Since the animals do not hibernate, but only hibernate, squirrels interrupt their sleep for 2 - 4 hours every day. During this time, they go in search of food or get winter supplies from their hiding places. If it is very cold and wet, it can also happen that the squirrel interrupts its sleep, but does not leave the hutch.

When does the squirrels' winter hibernation begin?

Winter dormancy depends on the temperatures and the weather. The cooler it gets, the earlier the hibernation begins. This can be as early as November, but also as late as the end of December. The rodents become really active again from April or May, when the temperatures rise.


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