Do hedgehogs eat ants?

Do hedgehogs eat ants?

Even though ants are useful, you have often wondered if hedgehogs eat ants. The reason for this question is that the ants in your garden are getting out of hand and to a large extent are becoming a nuisance. So it would be a blessing for you if the hedgehog would also eat one or the other ant.

Hedgehogs also eat ants

As is known, the hedgehog is an insectivore. The insects include various mosquitoes, grasshoppers, wasps and other creatures, as well as ants. Feeding is therefore not necessary, because ants have it in every garden more than enough and that in addition to the many other insects.

Hedgehogs favorite food

The foraging spectrum of the crepuscular and nocturnal hedgehog is broad. They eat earthworms, snails, ground beetles, earwigs, spiders, centipedes and also ants. You can easily tell by their diet that hedgehogs are not vegetarians. If they do eat dropped fruit or vegetables, it is usually because of the worms hiding in them. However, fruit is also a source of fluids if the hedgehog cannot get water elsewhere.

When are you allowed to feed hedgehogs?

Normally you should Hedgehogs in your garden not feed extra. They will always find enough food and young animals would unlearn how to get food. They rely on you to serve it to them.

However, there are a few situations when feeding the hedgehog makes sense. Wakes the Hedgehog too early from his hibernation he will hardly find anything edible. The ground is frozen and the insects cannot be found either. Even if a hedgehog weighs too little before the actual hibernation, you may feed him. An adult hedgehog should weigh about 1000 grams before hibernation. A young hedgehog, on the other hand, should weigh at least 500 grams. If this is not the case, then you can help the animals by feeding them.  


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