Does a hedgehog eat cat food?

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Does a hedgehog eat cat food?

You have found a hedgehog in need of help. So far you have read a lot about the correct care of the hedgehog. However, you are unsure about the question - does a hedgehog eat? Hedgehog cat food? Below you will learn how to properly feed the hedgehog.

Is cat food species-appropriate for a hedgehog?

On the question - does a hedgehog eat cat food? - unfortunately, opinions still differ. Some say yes, and others are strictly against it. Experts agree that for targeted supplementary feeding wet cat food is very suitable for the hedgehog. Alternatively, you can also offer dry cat food if you have nothing else at hand.

What cat food is suitable for the hedgehog?

You should only use a high-quality wet cat food for supplementary feeding. The beef variety is very popular. Dry food you give the hedgehog only in an extreme emergency. Under no circumstances should you serve fruit, vegetables or milk to the hedgehog in need. The hedgehog's digestive tract cannot digest these. This can lead to diarrhea in the hedgehog.

With what to enrich the wet cat food?

You can enrich the wet cat food for the hedgehog with oat flakes or wheat bran. Due to the additional carbohydrates the Hedgehogs in autumn gain weight more easily. This benefits him in view of the upcoming hibernation.

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Basic recipe for hedgehog food


  • 400 g high quality wet cat food - ideal beef
  • 100 g soft oat flakes
  • 3 tablespoons cooking oil
  • 50 ml water


Use a potato masher to mash the cat food. Then add all the other ingredients and mix everything into a homogeneous paste.

Put this mixed food in a shallow dish in a sheltered spot in your garden at dusk. Make sure that other animals do not eat the food before the hedgehog.

What quantities of cat food does a hedgehog eat?

A young hedgehog weighing 500 g will eat about 150 g of wet cat food per day. If the hedgehog weighs between 800 and 1000 g and is emaciated, you can serve him between 170 and 200 g of wet cat food per day. After 2 - 3 days you have to check the weight of the hedgehog with a scale. It is optimal if he gains between 10 and 20 g per day. You may have to adjust the food portions.

Wet cat food with sauce or jelly is taboo

If you feed the hedgehog wet cat food, make sure that it does not contain jelly or sauce. Both components can cause severe diarrhea. This in turn will result in dehydration. Also, gravy and jelly fill the hedgehog's stomach without any real nutritional value. This filler does nothing for the hedgehog. It may fill him up, but he lacks the calories and nutrients. The cat food sauce also contains a natural laxative for animals. We are talking about extracts of the cassia tree, a manna fruit.


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