Litter box rabbit

Litter box rabbit

A litter box rabbits is a controversial issue among rabbit breeders. For some indispensable for breeding, for others a negligible utensil. What you should consider when using a litter box, you will learn here with us.

Litter box rabbits - that's why it is important

Rabbits are flight animals and in almost all cases retreat to raise their young in a protected place. In the wild, this is the rabbit hole, there in the middle or at the very edge, the young rabbits are born and raised. Such a retreat does not exist in the rabbit hutch in this form and should be offered.

A rabbit litter box is not accepted by every rabbit lady, however, it is not a mistake to have one. This way your rabbit can decide for itself whether to build its nest inside the litter box or outside.

These criteria must meet a litter box

First of all, of course, the right size for the rabbits that are to give birth to their young in it. This is roughly divided into three sizes and the dimensions are approximate dimensions that you should adhere to your rabbit litter box.

  • For dwarf rabbits: 40 cm wide x 40 cm deep x 45 cm high
  • For medium size rabbits: 50 cm wide x 55 cm deep x 50 cm high
  • For large breeds: 55 cm wide x 65-75 cm deep x 55 cm high

Should you be unsure which size is the right one for your rabbit, then to be on the safe side, rather go for a larger litter box, because you can't go wrong with that. The litter box rabbits, that is, the rabbits who prefer a litter box, do not pay so much attention to the size, but for them it is important that one is available.

When buying a litter box, it is also important to make sure that the entrance is elevated. In a rabbit house, the entrance is at ground level, but this should not be the case with a litter box. Here the entrance must be elevated, so that the young rabbits can not simply disappear from the box. Also, the lid should be hinged or removable, so you can look after the kittens.

Litter box - what material

A litter box for rabbits should be made of untreated wood. No pressure impregnation or the like, just pure wood. Here you can use all native species of wood, the most affordable are the litter boxes made of softwoods such as spruce or pine. These are available in large selection in pet stores or on the Internet.

Both shopping options often offer litter boxes that are too small. Because often the litter boxes are confused with rodent houses. Because of the fact that a nest must be built in the litter box, the floor space must be significantly larger than in a warehouse. Therefore, when buying carefully make sure that you are not undercut the above dimensions.

Otherwise, it may happen that the doe sometimes unintentionally carries her young out of the litter box, because the space is simply too small.

Build litter box for your rabbit yourself

Should you have a little craftsmanship, then you can build a rabbit litter box itself. As building material you need:

  • glued wood or plywood panels (we prefer glued wood)
  • Roof battens
  • Screws
  • two hinges

So that you can also assemble your rabbits, you will need some tools, these include:

  • Cordless screwdriver or drill
  • Metre measure
  • Jigsaw
  • Sandpaper
  • Pencil for marking the interfaces

This is all you need and of course your two hands. The roof battens are needed to eventually get some stability in the litter box. Because the larger the rabbit litter box becomes, the more individual pieces of glued wood you have to join together. Here roof battens on the outside ensure that everything is nice and stable. Because only in a rabbit litter box that is not wobbly or unstable, your rabbit lady will feel comfortable.


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